don't go.
Yeah. I fell. Down a freaking k-hole, actually, but these guys caught me. It’s what mates do. Cause it’s screwed up out there. I don’t know if you’ve been outside lately, but it is. But we have a go. Whatever comes, we have a good go at it. Because that's all we can do.
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Film is an avenue that I really want to explore more. I’ve learned that my personality is quite impulsive and spontaneous, so the idea that I could play a character for six months and then play something else immediately after is really appealing to me.

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A dick with a future

A dick with a 401k plan and retirement benefits.

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I’m with you till the end of the line, pal. 

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every time a man says he’s somehow being oppressed by feminism, somewhere, a kitten dies
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Shameless Challenge • Favorite Family Relationship - Mickey & Mandy

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Taylor leaving Sarabeth’s Tribeca Restaurant in NYC, July 14th.

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I have wrestled dragons with my bare hands. Slain wolves the size of longboats. I have fought in more battles than most gods twice my age. So tell me… How much more worthy must I be?

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Fake Movie Meme: Hunted

natalie dormer & dane dehaan as twin vampires
sebastian stan & tatiana maslany as twin werewolves
lupita nyong’o & anthony mackie as twin hunters

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